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In January: “Christmas celebration at Rudensk”

Posted: February 10, 2013 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

DSC09451It is a great blessing and inspiration to see the guys from the Rudensk boarding school open to God, as they carefully and intently listen to Bible stories, participate in worship and prayer. And looking at them,I thank God for His love and mercy, for His heart, which can accommodate children. DSC09478I want to tell you about the Christmas party, which was held recently. There came the team from Germany with congratulations and gifts for the children, and friends from the church with a Christmas staging. As long as the installation of decorations lasted, children talked excitedly at the door of the assembly hall in anticipation of something wonderful. DSC09502Of course, getting presents a very pleasant event, I admit, but the evening dedicated to the birthday of Jesus Christ was awesome. Kids and teens, all participated in the evening, glorified Christ by singing, playing, and after the performance answered the questionsБез имени-1 that Dima asked. Looking at the children, I pray and thank the Lord that His Word consistently and effectively. It transforms lives of the guys and gives meaning, hope and joy!