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In February: “Trips to the Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: February 28, 2013 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

DSC00186In February, we continued to travel to Rudensk boarding. In this boarding all of our meetings have focused on thematic dialogue. We had three main topics: “How to survive the pain of loss,” “right relationship between guy and girl”, “What is important to study the Bible for?”. At the end of the month, we were divided into two groups: boys separately, girls separately. The boys talked about how to aspire to be a “real man in the eyes of God,” and the girls were talking about what is “feminine”. Each of these themes seemed to us quite complex to understand these guys, but at the same time, it is very urgent. Because each of them has experienced the pain of loss, some in their 15-16 years have made a lot of mistakes, creating a wrong relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend. DSC00250Many of the children today are in a very active search for God, so it is not superfluous to tell them, which is the believer to study the Bible.

If to talk about the “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette Party” – what we call the meeting, when boys and girls are going to separate, they passed under a special blessing! After all, a lot of guys – teens, live in that humiliate the weak, beat younger and consider it a normal way of life. DSC00261The sad thing is that in this way they are trying to prove to others that this is manifested their masculinity. The girls, in their turn, dressed in men’s clothes, smoking, are rude, thus eventually losing femininity that they contain God. Because of this, we took the chance to speak on these, sufficiently complex topic. But we believe that in the hearts of these guys in any way anything left! During the lesson, we have seen just how many guys tried to carefully listen to what we says, and in the end they could even ask questions! Most of all I ask you to pray that the word sown in the boarding school at the right time has brought value results to God!

In February: “Working with small children”

Posted: February 28, 2013 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

DSC00228In February we made our usual trips to Grozovo Orphanage. I am in charge of the smallest groups. And together with the little children we discussed the stories of Jonah, Samuel and Esther. We also talked about the importance of good works in our everyday lives. A lot of kids got really interested in the topics and took an active part in the discussion. We also played various games and had a wonderful time together.

DSC00230We have made really good friends with the children, we love them and they open their hearts to us. We try to show them that loving and trustful relationships do exist in this world. We talk with the children about how to be good friends and help other people. We do our best to make them feel loved and needed both by God and us.

DSC00235We have also noticed the change in the kids’ attitudes. Now they trust us a lot more than they used to. They learn to pray for each other and our ministry. It is so inspiring when they come to us and share the stories how they seized to fight with each other and learnt to forgive others. We are happy to hear them say they miss our meetings, our hugs and prayers. It is so pleasant to see the kids enjoy themselves and know they do their best to stay grateful even in the disadvantaged environment they have to live in and deal with.