In May: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: June 1, 2015 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

The spring is almost over. The school year is also coming to an end and kids will IMG_8916go to different summer camps soon. Some of the orphans will not only face summer vacations but also will leave the orphanIMG_8919age as this is their last year here. Now senior orphans are getting prepared for final school exams that they will have in June. Then they are going to state children camps and after that in August they will be sent to different towns to study at colleges and some of them will be sent directly to work places. TIMG_8889his is the way how orphans start their adult life. In order to somehow prepare orphans for a new life out of the orphanage we as a team are more focused especially on senior orphanIMG_8642s to help them out. In May we had meetings dedicated to such topics as: “How to choose a loyal friend”, “Faithfulness”, “Compassion for people”. At girls meeting and boys meeting we had a discussion called “ Not like everyone else” which appeared to be very interesting for both groups. As in everyday life orphans have a challenge to face rejection and hostile attitude from their peeIMG_8647rs or adults because of theIMG_8994ir disabilities and disorders this discussion was very needed. We are trying to show the orphans that being not like everyone else is not the reason to get depressed but it is a jump start for self-development. Every topic we discuss is taken from the Bible and is related to the Bible principles, it helps orphans to understand they are highly appreciated and loved by God. We try to show them that no matter what they can achieve great results thanks to supporIMG_8985tIMG_9000 of God. To show such a good example we invited a team of young people who go in or bike racing or bike trials for many years. The team told the orphans how much effort they must make to gain success and achieve good results as they had to fall so many times in order to rise and win then. After all this they became able to show their skills in real sport competitions. Both the staff of the orphanage and the kids were imprIMG_8643essed by this meeting. Thanks God for this opportunity! It was a good example to show to senior orphans so that they would see the IMG_8907alternative to bad friendships, alcohol or drug addiction.
Junior orphans also had a good time. They had a chance to take part in sport events and games, to have Bible studying and a puppet show. The puppet show was dedicated to Easter. Thanks to the show kids were able to be reminded of our Savior. The team who was involved in the show and the puppet characters became dear friends with the orphans as this is not the 1 time they have presented the show.
Our team is grateful to God for those who is involved in the orphans ministry.

  1. Yegor T. says:

    Thank you for all your hard work!

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