In May: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: June 1, 2015 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

Hello everybody! It is pleasant when we spend time with a benefit not just for IMG_8635ourselves but with the benefit for those around us! We live in a society that most often runs away from the problem instead of trying to solve it. Orphanhood – is the challenge IMG_8975for the whole country, for the each church and for every individual. But most choose to ignore this challenge or justify themselves by saying that the government will take care of orphans or somebody else, not me. But today we are calling you again – do not be indifferent to the orphans!
IMG_8977We spoke several times about Smilovichy children’s shelter – that it is a place for the children who waiting for the judgement of the court. After the verdict some children will return to their parents (if those are capable to raiIMG_8619se their children), some will go to a new family, still other will have to move permanently to an orphanage. Each orphan child needs a helping hand at least in some small thing.
When we come to this children’s shelter first thing that we feel is thIMG_8817e atmosphere of warmth and acceptance from the educators. We thank God for their open hearts! They gather together children to the room where we have our meetings. This month we continued to study different qualities of our God. The children have learned that our God is pure and righteous and that there is no sin in Him and that the sin is disgusting to HiIMG_8974m. Also we explained to orphans that God is omnipresent. That He is even capable to see our hearts and thoughts. In the example of Jona we showed to the children that it is impossible to hide or run away from God. Also every meetinIMG_8827g was filled with singing, games, and sometimes watching an educational video or crafts.
At the present moment there are five boys and one girl at the shelter. Some of them soon will go to the foster families. We ask you to pray that the seed that we have sawn will bring its fruit for the eternity in its own time!
Dear friends we would like to call you to do something for the help and support of the orphans in the orphanages.

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