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In September: “The new academic year in Vileyka”

Posted: October 2, 2015 by Dobr9k in Vileyka

a42f74159785The summer has gone too quicjX5Hlu1IgZ4kly and September came. The month is associated differently: for some this is the Harvest time, for some other people – the beginning of the new academic year, and for us this is the beginning of our service in the orphanage. For me as a leader this year is very special. Several people joined our service on a regular basis. This is very encouraging for me and big help. I thank God that in this service I’m not the only one from my church. We have many plans for these children and I’m sure we’ll realize them with God’s help.I5WVsii6IoA
For the first visit we invited our friend, clown-animator Maxim. He is a very funny man and children loved him. He gave air balloons to everybody and taught how to make different figures from them such as swords, dogs and etc. The children were excited! The culmination was soap bubble show! Maxim even told the whole story using soap bubbles and that was incredible! It was such happiness to see the children laughing, especially the little ones. Then they came to me asking when Maxim comes next time?
For the next trip we were not alone again. Some people who do bike trials professionally joined us. It was for the first time in our lives when we saw such tricks. It was unforUE9pKzobuM0gettable. We couldn’t imagine that people can do such things with bikes: they jumped over planks, got on top of balks on one wheel, jumped over people and so on. Then they allowed riding bikes. Children tried to do something similar to what they saw but it was difficult physically and technically. Unbelievable! It was a pleasure for me to see children having fun so sincerely.
The last visit to the orphanage was associated with the topic “The Bible”. We told children that regardless of religion Christians read The Bible and believe It is the Word of God. We told how many books are in the Old and New Testament, who and how IjV4HiXpLDwwrote the Bible. The most important thing – we told about the main topics described in the Bible: God’s Character, the Sacred Justice for sins and disobedience, God’s blessing for faith and obedience, Jesus as the Savior and Sacrifice for our sins, God’s Kingdom and His glory. Children didn’t know many things but they were interested to listen to us and to ask questions. We are glad children are not indifferent to the Bible. They were interested to find out what is written specially to them in this Holy Bible. Join us in our prayers for these children that the Word of God reaches their hearts!