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In September: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: October 6, 2015 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

a42f74159785After short summer break we came back to visit orphan’s children from Smilovich’s orphanage. We received great news that most of the kids sent to the foster families decided to take care of kids. IMG_3498All kids except Arseniy, are new and many of them never heard about Jesus or anything relate to Bible and religion.
IMG_3501Our main goal is to be friends them and let them have a personal relationship with God. It is very important for us to create atmosphere of trust and acceptance. We want every child to feel loved because that’s what every one of them really needs.
IMG_3494During the time that we spent together, we tell them what Jesus has done on the earth, how He healed people and show signs and wonders to them. We teach them how to pray and believe that God will answer.
IMG_3293All lessons are build in form of games to make it fun and easy to remember. Before every class we ask them what they remember from the previous lesson. And its so amazing to see how kids remember almost everything and actively involved during the lesson. 7ramzyM6ksMAlso children just love it when Zhenia comes with guitar and we can sing songs together. It brings so much happiness and laughter. We even had a shy boy named Artem, and after two weeks he started to singing with us.
IMG_3522Its amazing to see how God transforms their lives. Day by day we can see how kids worries disappear and become happier. Their aggression goes away and they feel welcomed, loved and protected with us. Children started to ask God to fix their lives and take away everything that is wrong and bad for them. The fact that their parents have betrayed and left them obviously hurt and have brought a lot of damage to their lives but we strongly believe that God has a plan for them and has a new destiny for every one of them. Praise the Lord that He is working with these beautiful children and their hearts to bring them truth and new life.