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In October: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: October 28, 2015 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

0_980a1_bfe9c360_origThe time is passing, the seasons are changing each other and we still keep on going to orphanages of our country.IMG_3561 The orphanage in Smilovichy is “an island of hope” and it encourages us with the hope that everything will change soon for better.
There are great orphans there in Smilovichy and the kids start living a new life, in new conditions, making new relationships with newcomers. A new world or social place is being created in the orphanage now. IMG_3632Alyna and Sasha, a sister and a brother, unwillingly became witnesses to cruel reality of the world they live in. These kids long for coming back home where their mum is waiting for them. They are looking forward to and praying to see her in person and not only to talk with her by phone. Not all Belarusian families live happily. IMG_3633There are a lot of families in Belarus who live on the breadline and aren’t even capable of paying month utility bills. Unfortunately, kids in such families have to experience the consequences. Imagine, there’s no electricity in the house and the kids can’t do their homework or read books. That’s the reason they have to stay at the orphanage.
We play games, watch cartoons, and sing songs at our meetings. Moreover, we have Bible studies which tell the kids about IMG_3554Jesus Christ who lived on Earth once. A lot of kids are disappointed with constant troubles of their parents, that’ s why Bible studies help encourage them a bit and give hope. This month we introduced the story about how Jesus healed centurion’s servant and how He calmed the storm.IMG_3812 Both stories show how great our God is and how many miracles He does for people and keeps on doing them even now if you have faith.
At one of the meetings we prayed together with kids about those orphans who got into hospital. In several days they recovered and came back to the orphanage. It was a great example for the orphans who prayed that God hears and answers prayers! All this shows that Bible stories about Jesus’s miracles and orphan’s prayers give hope and faith to the hearts! Praise the Lord for this time!
We are grateful to all who show interest to the ministry for orphans and pray for kids together with us!