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In October: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: October 30, 2015 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

0_980a1_bfe9c360_origServing  orphans  changes you cardinally. Especially when you think that your life is bad. This is the one of few ways  passing which we can learn true unconditional love, IMG_3660which doesn’t expect anything in exchange. Communicating with children, I can’t tell that they ideally obedient and kind,  there is even everything on the contrary. IMG_3783They are malicious because they are glad and happy that somebody comes to visit them, spend some time and organize lessons. I am constantly thinking that we can do something to improve conditions of their life at least slightly, we can organize for them some actions to see the smiles on their faces, we can find some time for them . IMG_3590But will it bring real changes in their life? Working with children, I see God’s hand in many respects, his blessings, support and favor. Every trip of this month  I worked with small kids. We showed  them animated cartoons  “Elisha”, “Daniel”, “Prophet Elijah “. IMG_3661We always sing with the children before a lesson and  when you ask them – “Will we sing your favorite song?”  I love when they ask  to sing the Christmas song -“Let’s light Candles”.
After an animated cartoon, we draw a conclusion and receive feedback, and I understand that is interesting to them, and children understand. All of them understand!!! IMG_3664When time passes  from  trip to trip analyzing myself I understand that the children are not indifferent to me. When they write to you, you always find a minute to answer. Children became like a part of your family, IMG_3611and with each trip you understand how much you love them and trips to a boarding school become an integral part of life. The senior children have had  remarkable discussions about  “Despondency”, “Pride”, “Thirst of revenge”, and “Condemnations” this month. I was at one of them (Thirst of revenge). I liked how Dima could present interestingly this subject trying all possible keys to hearts of the children. Dima did accurate comparisons and a conclusion, I saw that the children were interested, but even more important that it was clear for them and understandable. I am very glad that I can serve children. God does the work in my heart through this ministry.