In November: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: November 29, 2017 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

We did not know many of the children who started visiting our meetings in September, but they have already become so close and dear to us. Every one of them has his story, pain, worries, dreams, gifts, as well as victories and loses. The one thing that unites them is that they are all orphans. They never saw warm and healthy relationship in a family. Of course, we cannot replace parents or give them love and care to the extent that it is needed from the parents whom they lost in their childhood. Nevertheless, we are trying our best to do everything so that they will not get completely disappointed with people and with God, Who truly loves them, and who is the only One, who can give that love to orphans. Love, that is greater than the love of a mother.
Older children met a new biblical character this month called Moses. For many of them Moses’ life is an example of many victories, which God can make through a person. Many of the kids, just like Moses, are afraid of public speaking or in general of just being in public eye and they consider themselves useless. However, we believe God can make them victorious, they can become professionals at work, good parents and good friends, if they open their hearts to Him! Children form Rudensk orphanage love singing that is why we sing with them even more than with kids from other orphanages.
One day we organized a sport event for them. Both girls and boys enjoy doing sports in this orphanage. School administration provides every opportunity for the children to participate in different competitions with other schools and kids do bring victories and prizes. It is great to see that children have opportunities to show how gifted they are in sport! From our side, we try to organize from time to time sport events with older kids, too. It is a special time for us when we see children’s characters and how they win and are able to accept loses!
Younger kids have a separate program: creative classes, Christian animated cartoon movies, bible lessons where they get to know bible characters. This month they had learnt about Daniel and his friends, as well as about Jonah, who was swallowed by the whale. Sometimes it seems that children do not always listen to us and actually hear us due to being too emotional and active, but when ask for a feedback, we are amazed every time how well they remember the bible story we talked about! Praise God for that! We also have another good news. There is a new person, a musician, in the team who works with younger kids in Rudensk. His name is Sergey and he plays the guitar. So now, our younger kids are very excited about it! Sergey is also a big blessing for the boys. There used to be only girls in our team who worked with younger kids there. Boys needed someone who they could look up to, an example for them. Thanks be to God for His love and care!

  1. David Allen Jones says:

    I LOVED being in Rudensk! You have no idea how much I miss being there with the children.

  2. Yegor says:

    Очень рад слышать, что на казалось бы детскую не внимательность на Библейских уроках, дети так хорошо усваивают материал и правильно в последствии отвечают на вопросы! Слава Богу! Я вспоминаю себя, когда я ещё был неверующим подростком, один раз я шёл в подземном переходе и там женщина проповедывала Слово Божье и призывала людей к покаянию. Я очень хорошо запомнил, что не смотря на весь шум и мимоходность события, её слова пронзительно проникали в мою душу и обличали меня, в тот момент мне стало страшно и не по себе. Теперь я понимаю, что, когда мы говорим Слово Божье, Бог использует эту возможность чтобы в этот момент вычеканивать Свои слова на сердцах людей. Я думаю, что именно поэтому дети так хорошо усваивают и запоминанют ваши Библейские уроки!
    Очень рад слышать что дети в Руденске так любят прославлять Бога в песнях! Это говорит о том что они очень сильно любят Бога! Слава Богу!!!
    Очень рад что к вам присоединился новый член команды – Сергей! Который и ведёт музыкальное песнепоклонение и является примером для мальчиков! Слава Богу!
    Привет, Сергей! Очень, очень рад тебя видеть в нашей команде!!! Ты был отличным волонтёром в летнем лагере для сирот 2016!

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