In November: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: November 30, 2017 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

This month I dealt with the youngest group of the kids aged from 7 to 11. Different kids came to our classes. Sometimes there were few of them just 7-10 kids and sometimes there were more than 20 of them. These are the kids with serious behavior problems, with different levels of intellectual disability and with obvious delay in their mental and physiological development. In addition, this is not the whole list of their problems. We can clearly feel that they lack love, affection, personal attention and just need someone who will listen to them. You shouldn’t listen to them just for show but should be really interested in them. It may seem that there isn’t anything interesting in their stories about their troubles/ wishes and thoughts. What can this give to them? Nevertheless it is truly very important for them to know that they worth our attention. As for me personally these kids are important, significant and very dear to my heart. It is so sad there are so many of them and I can’t always pay each of them enough attention. But I believe that even spending a little time with will bring its fruit to the Kingdom of Heaven!
As long as you enter place where the younger ones live you don’t hear silence – the kids are so active and noisy! If some of them play in the hall, they go and tell the rest that we came and almost all the kids run to us ready to give a lot of hug. It is so pleasant to feel they wait for us and are happy to our coming! This month we spoke about Daniel, about his relationships with God, his way of life and his friends. As for me, Daniel is a great example of faithfulness to God despite everything! That is what we all have to long for! Therefore, we wanted to show and tell it to the kids. We tried to tell them as colorful as possible, how Daniel got to the palace what position and lifestyle he had there and that his and his friends’ faith had to be seriously tested. The most important idea was that God is always faithful to His promise! That is what really impresses and gives hope! Especially the kids remembered the vivid example with a few plastic bags and flour. We wanted to show that like flour goes through the bags with holes the same is with our hearts which are spoiled with the sin, dead and have ‘holes’. But when our heart is ‘whole’ and clean it vice versa keeps good thoughts and deeds and love to God and people. That is the heart the person needs if he or she wants to spend eternity with God! My special attention was paid to one boy called Ilya. He tried not to miss our meetings and almost always listened with attention and interest. As for me, he differed from the rest because he heard out story very well and did great in answering our questions. It was interesting that he answered that God kept Daniel when we asked why hungry lions did not slaughter him. He said it plainly but that phrase had deep sense! I believe that this boy really thinks about such simple but utterly important things.
What concerns the older ones they started to speak about a new character Moses. It is a bright example how God can do great miracles through and average person who is faithful to Him! Besides, they had sports competitions, which both the teenagers and people from our team liked. Through this we noted that our mood and good behavior is past to the teenagers. So? it depends on us how they will respond to winning and losing!

  1. Yegor says:

    Очень рад слышать что эти сироты, не смотря на все их тяжелейшие болезни, важны, значимы и так дороги вашему сердцу! И дети это очень хорошо чувствуют потому что так радостно бегут вас встречать и обнимать! Очень рад слышать что дети понимают ваши Библейские уроки и что есть один мальчик Илья, который очень заинтересован в ваших Библейских уроках, старается их не пропускать и обдуманно с пониманием отвечает на вопросы! Слава Богу! Игры – это преркасный иструмент для развития и обучения детей правильному отношению к тому как нужно быть членом команды, к победам и поражениям. Вы все хорошо делаете – молодцы! Слава Богу!

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