In November: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: November 30, 2017 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

Good afternoon!
This month we have begun to visit the Smilovichsky orphanage. Smilovichy is a small city near Minsk, and its population is about 5000 people. Among low buildings there is a big two-storied building which is the orphanage.
Since October our weekly trips to the children to the orphanage were restarted again. Nowadays, there aren’t enough children in the orphanage, but I am so glad that we could spend time with them, because at our meetings they can hear the Word of God. At every meeting we talk about God or read a story from the Bible. Also we sing Christian songs, play different outdoor games, do a colouring. Singing and playing games is a good way to prepare children for hearing the lesson, and the colouring helps to fix the material.
At the first meeting we talked about who God is. We were speaking with the children that we aren’t ideal people and we have answered the question “why has God come to our earth?”. In a week, we spoke about creation of this world. Children have very different opinions about how our world has been created and where this world is moving to. At the two other meetings we discussed a prayer and the Bible as the Word of God. At the latest meeting we said that God is pure and we told them a story about Jesus Christ and the woman taken in adultery.
Throughout the first four meetings there was a boy with us whose name is Yura. In spite of the fact that his elder sister sometimes goes to the church, his personal knowledge about God was very poor. When we asked him some questions about God, his words were often tangled. The information from the theory of evolution, from someone’s stories, from movies was added to his answers. For children at the lessons we use very simple examples about God and his creation – for example, we have written approximate quantity of stars in the sky, and we have told that the Sun is more than earth in 333000 times. And at the latest meeting after which that boy have had to go to the other city I have asked him what he has remembered. He gave several examples of God’s creation and he has remembered the lesson about a prayer.
We will continue to go to the Smilovichsky orphanage and communicate with the children about God. Thanks to all of you who remembers about us, and who supports us.

  1. Yegor says:

    Молодцы – очень хорошие темы для Библейских уроков для детей! И плоды уже видны – всего после четырех занятие мальчик запомнил примеры Божьего творения и урок о молитве – всё это очень важно для того чтобы человек смог прийти в своё время к Богу! Слава Богу!!!

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