In April: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: April 30, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Belinichy

This month our team attended a boarding school in Belinichy. We had a series of topics about David. wiX0j51I8FyErUjSG0iGWKO8UCEKQcgkCbNwk9NaCgLTCqSJ0MDunJ1LYwc0pZ8CqvC7w8HwNsew-24zY6rjZ-8PUsing the example of his story, such questions were considered: that only God makes us significant, that He looks at ours hearts, not at the faces, when God is behind us, we are not afraid of any giants. God forgives and accepts like the loving father, He treats us unlike our earthly parents sometimes do. I told them examples from the uQYEs7RCeIuH5bqBp2S5KKKq6A2SkKFm1pOCaCwVdvAqDloGPPlGXEll-In3KJW3k3Dck4whsK2vZBg7jC9WVVoqlives of the guys who were in my team at a summer camp. One girl could not forgive her mother for a long time, and one guy blamed God for the death of his parents. I understand that many children from the boarding school live with this feeling of not forgiving their parents, which destroys them. Therefore, I tried to explain how important it is to forgive.o_sjDPIZ6_UHPeII8d9F3bny3-899tnwJhSQMkb6JN21u58RKQ9y6XFJY2E0JxFMVJ31pP_XJWswL0KB9WYCfcvzThere was also the theme of Easter. We were discussing why someone should have ever die for us and our sins.

Recently, I have been paying attention to not just automatically conduct a lesson, but to communicate with each child on a more personal level, to pick up examples that are close, understandable and relevant to them.

When we come, it is clear that the guys BxTsyMgAXCS9NPCsHrE1sz9orRE3fPNBKPAIqzUP1-mYPCBD57BZcB6oVsJ5DJU5Htw2m29xN1od-57AFG00rF5yare waiting for us very much, they meet us, they are happy to help, as well as take the initiative themselves – they help to carry things, prepare the classroom for the meeting. They bring their drawings to show us, give them to us.

b90R8GQ4Xe4XEjWRO8ezSmbO4F782OWtFexAmizI9D-_imUo1qusRA_8eIRtz0Oxx7rcBiiM1weFnPdzkh7M_9lbAt our meetings, I try to approach those guys who are sitting alone and do not communicate with others. I talked to one of such girls, asked how she was doing, what was bothering her. She didn’t want to share anything right away, but the next time she came over to talk to me, to tell me about herself.

I noticed how the administration’s attitude towards the team is changing – they are becoming more open and friendly, asking about other guys from our team.

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