In January: “Our ministry to the little ones”

Posted: February 2, 2013 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

ImageHandler.2This month I had an opportunity for meeting my dear friends! It is so pleasant that they wait for us. They are always happy when we come to them. We chatted, played a lot with them, talked about God. The children became more open and told us about feelingsImageHandler.ashx2, and they were happy very much when we prayed for them. I liked the fact that the children try to change their characters, they yield to each other, try not to speak foul language although they do not always have a success. Thanks God that they want to change!

We devoted two meetings to biblical heroes such as Job and DSC09627Daniel, who are a good example of obedienDSC09408ce, patience and faithfulness to God. Furthermore the children with teenagers organized sports relay. In these moments it is always nice to see how guys can deal with each other, accept defeat and be a team. After the relay the participants were given prizes.

DSC09680However the most memorable was Christmas meeting. It was a happy time for them, not only because of the gifts. The boys had the opportunity to change the atmosphere, to hear about the birth of the King, to play and learn new songs. Some children from Grozovsky orphanage, who did not go abroad during holidays, were able to celebrate Christmas in homelike atmosphere, and the main Без имени-1thing was to go on a celebratory service at the church. There are two families and a few nurses in our team who periodically take orphans on weekends and vacations. This is a great opportunity to become closer to these kids, to serve them and to introduce at church where they can hear about God!

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