In January: “Trips to the Smilovichi orphanage”.

Posted: February 2, 2013 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

DSC09312Hello to everybody who is interested in the problem of orphancy in Belarus. This month we visited Smilovichi orphanage. Our lessons were very diverse: we told about Christmas, played different games, learnt interesting songs for children. Most of all I was impressed by the lesson about Job. The main aim of the lesson was to share  with the children the truth about the necessity to be faithful to God.DSC09315 It is significant that they began to compare Job’s attitude to God with relationship of people in friendship, understanding that it is impossible to preserve friendship without faithfulness.

DSC09303I like very much to look in these kid’s eyes, to see how they try to take part in the lesson and do this very actively. However there are some children who just want to draw attention by their behavior. There was a boy, called Dima. He was eager to get all my attention. But I understood that children who were sitting there, also wanted to listen to me. I called Dima, embraced him, and after that he began to behave himself in a different way!  It is evident that every child needs love and care. We are glad that we can give them this small part of  love and care, which we get from God every day. Be in lives of these children people who will be able to accept them real personalities and present them their affection. DSC09276God bless them with his Fatherly blessing!

If telling about the Christmas program, this year children heard about the Savior’s nativity through puppets. We organized the puppet play, because there are mostlyБез имени-1 small children. After that they could get gifts. It was funny and fascinating to look at the children when opened their Christmas boxes! But the most joyful thing was to see, when they got things they wanted!

  1. Егор Таразевич says:

    Great idea for a lesson on Job! These children like Job lost their families and have to live through a very painful experience.
    May God bless you richly for your very hard work!

    Замечательная идея по поводу урока о Иове! Так же как и Иов эти дети потеряли свои семьи и теперь вынуждены пройти через тяжелые страдания.
    Благослови вас Господь за вашу тяжелую работу!

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