In November: “Serving Orphans in Rudensk”

Posted: December 1, 2012 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

DSC08751DSC08966Luda, Alesya, Valya, Nastya, Vika, Katya, Pauline, Andrew, Alex, Nick and the other guys from the Rudensk orphanage, which 3 months ago I did not know, today became close and important people in my life. DSC08771This boys and girls with their joys and sorrows, experiences and concerns, talents and abilities. They have a common life tragedy, but all are very different. I pray to be a light and example for them. Talking about the most important, I want to know about the young God’s guidance and protection, and to resist evil and cruelty are not alone, and with full confidence and trust in our Heavenly Father.

DSC08871This month again we had the opportunity to arrange for children from boarding in Rudensk puppet show. Through puppets guys could hear about the consequences resulting disobedience senior. Especially I want to note the “Stag” and “Hen parties.” This meeting, when boys and girls are going in separate classes, chatting on various topics, share their feelings and secrets. The boys in this month talking about hygiene, and how it is important to monitor your body. Girls just learning to be hostesses. As a practical task, girls can show their culinary skills. DSC08887DSC08879They had the opportunity to decorate your cake as they like. Even at this point, we could once again underline the extent to which each of them is unique. After all, no one decorated cake was not like the others!

In early September, we were very much worried about the fact that there were very few children who come to our meetings. But to date, we are grateful to God for what he sends us guys who want to make their lives changed! At our meetings, at present, about 30 children, who try not to miss a single meeting. Glory to God!

  1. Егор Таразевич says:

    “At our meetings, at present, about 30 children, who try not to miss a single meeting.”
    Слава Богу!

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